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Help Choose a Vision


In spite of some difficult conditions, this past season’s successes of the various youth programs with which the Club has been involved have been highly encouraging. Looking to the future, the questions become “How can the TVCCSC  attract more local youth to our sport?   How can we better focus our resources, material, financial and human to add further vitality to our Club’s activities?”

To begin this discussion and explore the possibilities, here is a list of some initiatives we have come up with. It is by no means exhaustive.

What the Club Executive would like to know from you the members are two critical things:

Which of these activities are both desirable and dooable?”.

“Do we have the persons available to do this?”

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.      Considerations of funding, and other matters can usually be handled more easily if members are committed to getting the thing done.

Can we, Should we::

Launch a preseason dryland training program based at MPPP?

This venue offers the following advantages:

Security and continuity of venue;      Paved and wooded trails,        Sheltered and heated HQ’s,        Opportunities for road and cross country running,:bounding with ski polls, roller skating and/or boarding; hiking and orienteering,picnicking and BBQing; etc

Begining immediately after Thanksgiving?    On week ends?    Possibly on school holidays?   On Professional Days?    Merging naturally into on snow activities?    Transportation provided by Club?

Does this model inspire any of you? Are any of you willing and ready to make this happen? Can you enlist anyone who will?

Can we, Should we:

Launch a recruiting drive in the schools?     Enlist youngsters as recruiters?

Elementary Schools?    High Schools?   Both?

Is anyone prepared to get this going? Do you know any youngsters who can be asked to participate and even to organize this?

Can we, Should we:

Set up Clincs for teacher/leaders?

Dry land/ Snow? Either or both?

What about for school teachers on a professional day? Outside help is available from the National Capital Division (NCD) Excellent instructional videos are also availabe. Where can/should we show them?        Fund potential instructors to take the annual course offered by the NCD at Mooney’s Bay?

Is any one of you or anyone you know willing and ready to take charge of this?

Can we, Should we:

On our Web Site set up a Schools’ Column? A youth Column?

Is/are any youngster(s) prepared to write it?

Can we, Should we:

Organize a car pool or other transportation available for transport of skiers to other snow locations (Gatineau Park,Packenham, etc ) to offer flexibility of location and avoid cancellations.

Is anyone prepared to coordinate this?

Can we, Should we:

Set up a depot easily accessible in Town to loan equipment? Perhaps to rent It?

Arrangements by e-mail?

Is anybody prepared to coordinate this?

 Can we, Should we:

Attempt to make arrangements with the Park to facilitate free access there for School Practices?     The Board could look into this.

Should we?

Revise our Loppet categories for compatibility with those of School Events?            The Loppet Committee could look into this.

Should we

Make Youth Programs the theme of this year’s AGM?          The Board could organize this.

These thoughts are aimed at stimulating discussion. Your input is essential. Please send us your comments and ideas on where you would like to see the Club go. We would like to have as broad an on line discussion as possible.

Thanks in advance for your input.

Don Boyle, President



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