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Renewal Project Gets Underway — A Letter from President Boyle

Hello Everyone,

You may find that the summer season is a strange time of year to be hearing from your Ski Club President. But the benefits you derive in winter from your Club’s structure do require some early planning and consultation.

Most of you will know that ever since our immediate Past President, Doug Hollingsworth, announced his intention to stand down more than a year ago that your Board of Directors has been tackling the issue of Leadership Renewal. This is so that our Club, which has such a long proud history, can continue to survive and thrive in the years ahead.There is a strong recognition that, if this is to happen, a new generation of engaged skiers needs to come forward to take charge of organizational matters.

I can report that, over the past year, some important progress has been made on this issue. Beth Graham and Brad Mills have now taken over the respective functions of Treasurer and Secretary, for many years so ably handled by Frank Roy. Ray Schmidt and Steve March have joined a very able and experienced Board.But we are facing new and ongoing challenges. On the youth front Bonwyn Hodgins has made an important contribution in recent years, but unfortunately for the Club, the time has come for her to move on and pursue her studies elsewhere. That leadership void now needs to be appropriately filled. Our very efficient Loppet Coordinator, Jim Reain, has announced that he will carry on for one more year but only on condition that someone comes forward to work with him for this season as Co-Chair of the Loppet Committee.

When Doug did step down at the November AGM, I did agree to serve as your President, but for a period of one year only.This was because of my conviction that it is more appropriate and indeed essential that a younger person be the official and public face for an organization that aims to fulfill a dynamic and athletic mission. At that time no one could be found to fill the position of Vice President and.that position still remains vacant.

These matters were fully and frankly discussed at our Board Meeting in May ( Read the Minutes here  ) and it was decided then that I write you and explain the current situation and inform you that a special Nominating/Search committee consisting of Brad Mills, Ray Schmidt and Bill Greer has been struck to canvass the membership in an effort to find persons to fill these needs.

When approached by the Committee and when deciding upon the level of your engagement it is important for you to know that your Club has numerous assets which have been acquired over time. Along with a well functioning Board within an incorporated structure, your Club has an excellent contractual and cooperative working relationship with Murphys Point Park and its staff. It also derives many benefits from its membership in the National Capital Division of Cross Country Ontario and through it, in Cross Country Canada. There is never any shortage of members willing to assist with trail construction and clearing when Orion Clark calls for this in the fall. Don Frizell has now replaced Bruce Brenot, who has moved out of the region, in handling the off season maintenance of the Round Lake Back Country loop. Our grooming team of volunteers, headed up by Dave Reesor, is well equipped and does an outstanding job of providing the highest quality trails that this region’s variable snow conditions will support. This past season your Youth Coordinator, Geoff Hodgins, has had success in reactivating a variety of Club supported youth activities and anticipates building on this next season. Frank Roy continues to manage the Club web/blog site which he recently put into place.Your Loppet organization remains intact.

With the appropriate snow conditions, and only with your help, the Tay Valley Cross Country Ski Club has the potential of continuing to provide these many benefits so that they remain available for the healthy enjoyment of the entire Regional Community.

Don Boyle,

President, TVCCSC.


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