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Hello Everyone,

The Tay Valley Cross Country Ski Club has recently concluded another successful season. This has been the 38 th year that it has proudly provided an important health, recreational and athletic service to the Community.

At its spring Board meeting your Board of Directors took careful stock of the current status of your Club with a view to planning the way ahead.

In so doing,the Board recognizes that the Club has a solid structure, a strong working relationship with the local MNR, an outstanding facility at MPPP where we have put into place excellent trail design and grooming procedures. Club Members benefit from a committed Board which is working on your behalf to implement all this.

But we need to point out that to continue to thrive and even to survive your Club requires increased membership participation in its organization.

Leadership renewal is an ongoing issue.Your Board has identified the following needs:


  • a person to work with Jim Reain to take over the role of Loppet Chair This is a necessary requirement if the Club is to continue its 38 year tradition of offering an Annual Loppet.
  • volunteers to take instructors courses- funded by the Club – for the purpose of refurbishing the Club’s youth Programs. Drew Lampman, our current Vice President is coordinating this.
  • an individual to come forward and become Club Vice President.


  • A person to work with Treasurer Beth Graham to eventually take on the role of Membership Chair.
  • Someone else to take on the role of Web/Blog Master to relieve Frank Roy of this task.
  • Parents to come forward and join the Youth Committee which is now headed by Geoff Hodgins, supported by Phil Brackenbury and Drew Lampman
  • The Club is searching for one or two Youth Reps which it would be delighted to welcome to the Board to provide input from our younger skiers. 

I am writing to you now because this is the time of year when your Club needs to know what help it can count on as we plan next season’s activities.

All you need to know about the Club can be found on this Blog Site

If you feel that you can help, please reply directly to me at r2d2@xplornet.ca. I strongly urge you not to leave this to the fall or winter seasons.

Even better, please phone me now at 613 267 2982.

All is in place to achieve a strong and dynamic organization. What we desperately need is more people to make it all work.

Don Boyle