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 Welcome to a new and hopefully to a most successful and enjoyable ski season.
 This is a notice for this season’s first Board Meeting.

It will held Monday evening  at 7 P.M. on Oct 3d and at McMartin House.

 Here is the proposed  Agenda:
1) Adoption of the Agenda
2) President’s Remarks
3) Minutes of the previous Meeting
4) Business arising from the minutes
5) Treasurer’s Report
6) Membership Report
7) Trails
8) Loppet
9) Youth Programs
10) Grooming
11) AGM
12) Promotion & Recruiting
13) Other Business
14) Adjournment
Please advise  if there are any specific items you may feel are  not covered and which would require a modification of the Agenda.  
According to our usual practice, please be reminded that  Board Meetings are open to all members and also to any person willing to make a contribution to the advancement of skiing in the region. Constructive input from all interested quarters is encouraged and welcomed. 
Don Boyle,
President, TVCCSC.

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