Ski Season Over

We have been notified by Park staff that the park is now closed and the ski season is over.

Unfortunately, snow conditions have resulted in brief and disrupted ski conditions this year. We look forward to a better season next year.

Ski Conditions Great!


Classic and Skate Trails in Top Condition Today

Classic and Skate Trails in Top Condition today. Our groomers have done an excellent job once again with the new snow.


Trails Groomed February 27

Our groomers managed to groom some of the trails today. All skate ski trails have been groomed and some of the classic trails. Progress is slow because of branches that are down. Skiers reported excellent conditions on groomed trails.

Park Trail conditions have not yet been up dated (4:40). We will attempt to keep skiers posted on conditions through this website and Facebook.

Grooming Update February 21

Head Groomer, David Reesor reports:

The heavy snowfall that was preventing our grooming efforts shrank dramatically today and we were able to groom every trail in the park including Lally, McParland and Loon Lake. All of the classic trails were track set. When we left the Park, conditions were good to excellent. Unfortunately with the freeze tonight conditions will become icy Monday. The good news is that we have an excellent base (again) and with snow in the forecast, we should be back grooming Wednesday or Thursday with excellent conditions expected for the end of the weekend and the weekend.

Thanks to Jack, Don and Linda for their hard work today.

Adult Ski Clinic Rescheduled to February 28

There are still a few places open in the clinic scheduled for Sunday, February 28. If you are interested, please contact Rick Sauder . Past clinics have been a great success.

Great Snow, But….

Our groomers were very excited about the fresh snow, as were we all. However, they discovered yesterday that it was too much of a good thing. The 50 cm or so of powder proved impossible to groom at this time.

Until conditions change, perhaps with the warmer weather forecast in the next few days, we are unable to groom.

The Park is open and skiers are welcome to make their own trails. However, the snow is so deep that the going is difficult.

Please check the Trail Information posted by the park for latest information on grooming if you are planning to use the trails.

Trails Open at Murphys Point Park!

Today’s snow is good news! The Park has reopened trails.

Groomers won’t be working until tomorrow when the snow stops.

Check Trail Information before you head out.