Park Closed, Ski Season Ends

Park Superintendant, Josie Grenier sent the following message today:

“This warmer weather has deteriorated the trails again to the point that we have decided to conclude the 2016/17 winter season at the park and close down. Please keep in mind you are still more than welcome to park outside the entrance gate on the left hand side and use the park, bearing in mind the trails are not maintained now. Thanks to everyone for all your work in support of the winter program at Murphys Point!! Come visit us this summer.”

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this ski season happen.

Thanks also to our membership for continuing to support the club.




While it seemed that the ski season was over, the latest snow fall has offered us some unexpected Spring skiing.

Trails have been groomed and are ready to go again except for Lally and Loon Lake.

Please be aware that there are some icy areas and bare spots have developed in the classic track in some areas. Skiers may wish to stay out of the tracks on downhills. Definitely Spring skiing by this afternoon.

Thanks to our volunteer groomers for being right on the job.

Enjoy a great Spring ski!

RESULTS OF THE 2017 Tay Valley Loppet

A very successful and snowy Tay Valley Loppet was held on Sunday Feb 12.

For full results go to

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The skier roster was full with 75 skiers registered by Friday morning, 2 days before the race.
At 10 am– 2.5 and 5 km freestyle cookie races (5 km for all ages, 2.5 km for 10 and under).
11 AM—the 10 km short Loppet and 20 km classic Loppet.
The 20 km Loppet is part of the Ontario Masters Loppet Points Series.

Top 3 women overall 20 km
1—Lisa Meyer of Ottawa and XC Chelsea Masters club
2—Heather Tkalec of Ottawa and XC Chelsea Masters club (in a kilt!)
3—Susan Atherley of Kanata and Nakkertik Nordic


Top 3 men overall classic 20 km
1—Nathan Underwood of Chelsea and xc zone
2—Ed deLaplante of Ottawa and XC Chelsea Masters
3—Trevor Plestid of Ottawa and XC Chelsea Masters

Top 3 overall 10 km short loppet, classic. Note the age variation here!!!
1—Anna Vigeron of Kanata and Kanata Nordic (age 17)
2—Doug Hollingsworth of Tay Valley Ski Club (age 76)
3—Kandace Brown of Perth and Tay Valley Ski club (age 42)

The top boy and girl age 19 or under in the 10 km race won ski poles. This year the poles went to Anna Vigeron, age 17, and Ryan Lambley of Kanata, age 13.

These skiers ski two races, both the 5 km freestyle and 10 km classic races.
Times are added together. Amazingly, Ramsey edged Robert out by only 7 seconds!!
1—Ramsey Hart of Perth and Tay Valley Ski Club, time 76:95
2—Robert Mears of Perth and Tay Valley Ski Club, time 77:02

5 km freestyle cookie race, age 20 +
1—Ricardo Marius of Ottawa
2—Karen Jardine of Ottawa

5 km freestyle cookie race, under age 19
1—Max Benda ,12
2—Rosalie Vigeron, 12
3—Helen McCulligh, 12

2.5 km freestyle cookie race, age 10 and under
1—Ben Zabel, 10
2—Robson Scott, 6
3—Chephren Scott, 8

Robson Scot. Winning smile and winning form.

Robson Scot. Winning smile and winning form.

Jillian Kieswalter and Heidi Vander Wal enjoy their medals! Cookie races are all about the cookies!!

Jillian Kieswalter and Heidi Vander Wal enjoy their medals! Cookie races are all about the cookies!!

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Thanks to all of our volunteers, especially the dedicated groomers David Reesor, Jack Roe, Brad Mills, and David Salte, and our Loppet Coordinator, Nancy Gaudreau, for the hours of work necessary to produce a successful event.

(Thanks to Simon Lunn for all of the photography).

2017 Tay Valley Loppet a Great Success!

Fresh snow arrived just in time to create excellent conditions for our Loppet. Although some participants experienced tense rides home over snow covered roads everyone was pleased with the day.


Over the next few days, we will be posting race results, and pictures by our intrepid photographer, Simon Lunn.



An overnight snowfall Friday was just what was needed. Our volunteer groomers have been working nonstop over the past few days to break up the icy base. With the recent snowfall, conditions were excellent by midday Saturday.

The investment made in the ginzu groomer a couple of years ago is proving very wise at this point. Without proper equipment, there really would not have been a ski season let alone a Loppet.

Loppet registration is full as of Friday. We look forward to a great Loppet on Sunday.

Thanks to Chief Groomer David Reesor along with Jack Roe, Brad Mills and Dave Salte for so many volunteer hours preparing the trails. It hasn’t been easy.

And to Loppet Coordinator, Nancy Gaudreau, whose address seems to be Murphys Point Provincial Park.


Snow is at something of a premium this winter, but our groomers managed to groom all park trails for the first time including the McParlan and Lally Loops and the trail to McParlan House.

There are a few minor spots with not enough snow to set track, but all trails are now at least packed and most of the track is set.

Enjoy the weekend of skiing!

With more snow promised the prospects for the Loppet next week are good. There is a distance for everyone if the standard 20 km seems too far. Check out the Loppet Page and follow the links for more information.

Groomers Work Their Magic – Again

We haven’t had much snow to work with, but for all of that there have been a good number of skiable days.

Once again, despite warm weather and a small snow fall, the trails that have been groomed are reported to be good to go. Conditions are definitely not excellent but trails were in use today.