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AGM Minutes 16/11/07

Tay Valley Cross Country Ski Club
Annual General Meeting
Monday, November 7, 2016, 7:00 p.m.
Perth Pool, Perth, ON


1. President’s Report – Drew Lampman welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced Josie Grenier, Assistant Park Superintendent. Josie reported that the new Agreement between the Club and the Park has been finalized and will be in place until March 31, 2018. Park employees are servicing the grooming equipment, which will be ready to use by the end of November. Tobi will continue to promote winter use of the Park on his weekly Lake 88 radio interview as will Josie through the Ontario Parks website. Josie will prepare the legal agreements necessary for the Loppet.

2. Minutes of the previous AGM – Brad Mills summarized the Minutes of the 2015 AGM.

3. Business arising from those minutes – No business arising

4. Treasurer’s Report – Denise Guerin reported that our balance is about $6100 which is up $100 from the previous year, due to low expenses and good membership numbers. $600 was spent on instructor courses. $2700 was spent on insuring all members ($18/person) with Cross Country Canada. We will be spending about $1000 on new trail signage. We are no longer investing capital in a separate account, due to the low interest rates.

5. Membership Report – Brad Mills reported on behalf of Ray Schmidt that we had 159 members in the club in the 2015-2016 season (55 family, 29 Individual, 2 Student, 73 additional family members).

6. Committee Reports
​Trails – Don Frizell reported that the Oct. 29 clean-up day was well attended. A walk-behind brush hog was rented and proved to be very effective. The entire trail system is clean, but may need a final tidy-up in late November before the snow. The new McParlan extension adds about 1 km to the trails.
​Grooming – Jack Roe reported on behalf of Dave Reesor. We had 6 groomers by mid-season last year. He has been in touch with the park and is confident that the equipment will all be ready to use by the time we have snow.
​ Youth Programs – Drew Lampman reported that there were 10-12 kids registered last year. One coach will be unavailable this season, but hopes to return in 2017-2018. Money is available to send people to coaching clinics.
​ Loppet – Nancy Gaudreau reported that last year’s Loppet was cancelled due to lack of snow on both the scheduled and back-up days (a huge snow fall came after the back-up date). This year’s Loppet is scheduled for Feb. 12 with a back-up date of Feb. 26. Phil Brackenbury reported that there will be an elementary school Loppet the week of Feb. 20.
​Adult Program – Nancy Gaudreau and Linda Cairncross reported that Rick Sauder, one of the adult program coaches has moved to B.C. Nancy and Linda will run two scheduled adult sessions on Jan 22 and Feb. 19 and are available to work individually with people by appointment (contact info on club website). The Park has agreed to allow beginners to be driven in to the Chalet to avoid the hills between the parking lot and Chalet.

7. Membership Rate Increase – There will be no increase this season

8. Election of Officers – After confirming that there were no nominations from the floor and that the incumbents were willing to continue in their positions, it was MOVED: by Jack Roe; SECONDED: by Nancy Gaudreau that Denise Guerin (Treasurer), Brad Mills (Secretary) and Ray Schmidt (Membership Convenor) continue on for another 2-Year term. ACCLAIMED

9. Other Business – A question was asked about ticks at the Park. Josie reported that they’re everywhere, and particularly bad in spring and fall. 79% of adult deer ticks are Lyme disease carriers. Applying Deet helps, as well as putting clothes in a hot dryer.

Another question was asked about the use of fat tire bikes in the park. Drew indicated it would be better for a cycle club to approach the park for permission.

Ramsay Hart felt we needed more promotion of the Youth Program. He has asked that members talk it up with friends having young children.

Drew thanked Rick Sauder for his contributions to the club in coaching and fundraising.

Adjournment: MOVED: by Phil Brackenbury and SECONDED : by Denise Guerin that the AGM be adjourned. CARRIED Meeting adjourned at 7:36 p.m.

Post Meeting presentation by Greg Earl of SportX in Smiths Falls focusing on Soloman ski products (20% off for members) and fat tire bikes.

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