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AGM Minutes 17/11/06

Tay Valley Cross Country Ski Club
Annual General Meeting
Monday, November 6, 2017, 7:00 p.m.
Perth Pool, 3 Sunset Blvd, Perth, ON


(Ski Swap 6:30 – 7:00)

Introductions and Agenda – Drew Lampman opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m. He welcomed attendees, including three representatives from Triangle Cross Country Ski Club, Brockville, and several past Executive members of the TVCCSC who were in attendance to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the partnership between the Club and Murphys Point Provincial Park. He also noted that the founding meeting of the Club (just short of 45 years ago) was held at the Perth Town Hall on December 8, 1972. Ross McLean was elected first President.

Presentation – 35 years at Murphys Point Provincial Park – Curtis Thompson. Park Superintendent Curtis Thompson outlined the history of both the Club and the partnership between the Club and the Park. He referenced the excellent publication “The Story of the Tay Valley Cross Country Ski Club” written in November 2007 by Don Boyle and Orion Clark. At the end of Curtis’s talk, Assistant Superintendent Josie Grenier came forward with a plaque commemorating the 35th anniversary of the Park/Club partnership, and presented it to Drew Lampman for the Club.

President’s Report – Drew had everyone in attendance introduce themselves, and indicate their involvement with the Club past and present.

Minutes of the previous AGM – Brad Mills summarized the Minutes of the previous AGM held on Monday November 7, 2016 at the Perth Pool.

Business arising from those minutes – There was no business arising.

Treasurer’s Report – Denise Guerin reported that we have a balance of $6600 of which $4000 is set aside for equipment renewal, and $2600 is available for other expenses. Insurance costs last season were $2800, Loppet outlay was $1400 with revenue of $1800, and new signage was $2300 ($1000 was budgeted – signage costs were considerable more than expected). Two representatives of The Perth and District Community Foundation who were in attendance encouraged the Club to apply for a grant to assist in Club expenses (annual deadline is October 31).

Membership Report – Ray Schmidt reported that he had no information to share regarding membership.

Very brief Committee Reports
​Trails – Don Frizell reported that a comprehensive cleanup was completed on October 21. The Club has purchased a new Honda HHT35 4-stroke trimmer. The new trimmer and a rented walk-behind trimmer were used for the clean-up day. Several informal follow-up workdays will take place before ski season. Don noted that there is a large basswood tree near Round Lake that will need to be removed. Stones were removed at junction #5 to allow access to the trails. A turnaround area has been prepared for the McParlan extension and the gates have been opened to allow the groomers through. Improvements to the uneven hill approaching the Lally Homestead as well as Loon Lake (Junction #10 to the Gatehouse) will take place this fall.
​Grooming – Jack Roe reported for Dave Reesor. The grooming equipment has been serviced and is ready for use. There are six groomers prepared to help out this season. Training on the new tracked four by four will need to take place prior to use. Curtis indicated that the new machine has “winterization” features such as heated handgrips, windshield as well as power steering. Phil Brackenbury pointed out that the Tidd Tech groomer is twelve years old, is very worn on the bottom, and will not last much longer. It was agreed at the Sept. 18 Preseason Board Meeting that a motion would be introduced at the AGM to set aside money to purchase a new Tidd Tech groomer when needed. MOVED: by Phil Brackenbury that $3511.56 be set aside to purchase a new Tidd Tech groomer this season if it is deemed necessary by the Executive. SECONDED: by Linda Cairncross. CARRIED
​ Youth Programs – Drew Lampman reported that there were about 12 children involved in the Jack Rabbit program last winter. Drew, Tobi Kiesewalter and several other adults were the leaders/coaches. In hopes of involving more children this coming season, it was suggested that information about the program be advertised by Nancy Gaudreau and Denise Guerin on Facebook, and by Ray Schmidt on the Club website.
​Adult Programs – Linda Cairncross and Nancy Gaudreau led two adult sessions last season: one at Lally and one in the Park. Beginners were shuttled from the parking lot to the chalet to avoid the steep hill at the start.
​ Loppet – Nancy Gaudreau reported that the Loppet held on Feb. 11 was very successful with over 75 participants. There was a Cookie Race for kids at 10 a.m. and the10/20 km Classic race at 11 a.m. Ray Schmidt, who coordinates the post-race activities at the chalet, indicated that as many as 50 children could be accommodated at the chalet, should we choose to raise enrollment this year. This coming season, the Loppet will take place on Sunday Feb. 11 (same day as the Canadian Ski Marathon) with a back-up date on Sunday Feb. 18.

Election of Officers – Don Boyle conducted the elections. This year, the positions of VP & President (2-year term) were open. With no nominations from the floor, Drew Lampman was acclaimed as President, and Phil Brackenbury was acclaimed as Vice President. Robert Mears has volunteered to be a Member at Large on the executive, as well as help out with grooming and coaching.

Other Business – There will be Moonlight Skis on Jan. 5, Feb. 2, and March 2. The Park is open to the possibility of starting a winter fat bike trail. This will be discussed more at the upcoming Monday, November 27 Board meeting which will take place at 7:00 p.m. at McMartin House. Drew expressed thanks to the landowners who allow the Club to pass through their property on the Round Lake loop.

Adjournment – at 7:53, followed by anniversary cake and fellowship.

Minutes prepared on Nov. 10, 2017 by Brad Mills, Secretary

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