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AGM Minutes 12/11/12


Tay Valley Cross Country Ski Club

Annual General Meeting

Monday , November 12, 2012

Dufferin Square Board Room, Suite 202, 105 Dufferin Street, Perth, ON


Minutes – Prepared Jan. 3, 2013



President’s Report – MOVED: Drew Lampman SECOND: Ray Schmidt that the Agenda be accepted.  CARRIED  Drew proceeded to welcome everyone to the AGM and introduce our guests.

Minutes of the previous AGM – were summarized by Secretary Brad Mills. MOVED: Ray Schmidt SECOND: Phil Laflamme that the Minutes of the 2011 AGM be accepted.  CARRIED

Business arising from those minutes – There was no business arising

Treasurer’s Report – Beth Graham circulated her Treasurer’s Report covering the period Sept. 1, 2011 to Sept. 30, 2012.  There was discussion about the snowmobile insurance of $608.04.  Assistant Park Superintendent Rob Gunn was unsure about coverage by the Park’s liability policy.  Doug Hollingsworth stated we are not covered by Cross Country Canada and have to carry liability.  As the snowmobile was purchased through a Trillium Foundation Grant, the question was asked if we could gift it to the park and have it covered under their insurance  Dave Ressor and Rob Gunn are to look in to this possiblityMOVED: Don Boyle SECOND: Ray Schmidt that the question of snowmobile insurance be referred to the board CARRIED (Note: Subsequent to the meeting an arrangement was made with MPPP to have the ownership of the snowmobile transferred from the club to MPPP and covered under their fleet insurance – November 28, 2012 letter from Assistant Park Superintendent Robert Gunn to TVCCSC C/O President Drew Lampman attached)

Membership Report – Ray Schmidt reported that 39 families and 21 singles held memberships in the 2011/2012 season.  It was felt that the $5.00 membership discount offered at the AGM should be extended.  MOVED: Ray Schmidt SECOND: Don Frizell that the $5.00 membership discount be extended until November 19, 2012. CARRIED

Very brief Committee Reports
Trails – Don Frizell reported that follow-up trail cleaning subsequent to the earlier fall cleaning had been done due to a recent wind storm.  More cleaning will be done on the last Saturday in November and the first Saturday in December.
Grooming – Dave Reesor reported that volunteers are welcome and grooming generally takes place Monday through Friday during the day as snowfall dictates.
Youth Programs  – Drew Lampman reported that four parents/members attended coaching clinics including Brian Rauwerda, Nancy Sweetnam, Kevin Lockhart and Drew.  Tobi Kiesewalter expressed interest in helping this coming year. Eleven Bunny Rabbit aged children (2-6) participated for eight weeks at the Lally Homestead. There was good parental involvement helping out at the fire and with snacks. There was no charge other than club membership.  The Running Goat has agreed to be a depot this coming season for loaner equipment which includes six pairs of skis and 9-10 pairs of boots.  Parents are interested in receiving some instruction while waiting for their chlidren.  Nancy Sweetnam has agreed to be Youth Coordinator this season.  Nancy and Drew will be taking the next level of Jack Rabbit training for children aged 7-10.
Loppet – Jim Reain/Drew Lampman reported that there was no Loppet in 2012 due to lack of snow.   A poroposed partnership with the Perth Kilt Run would have involved kilted skiiers. The status and visibility of the Loppet has improved in the last five years, with participants coming from Montreal and Toronto area.  There is broad media and community interest.  There is a data  base of 100 participants at both recreational and elite levels.  The January 27, 2013 Loppet has been publicized at the National Capital Division site of X-Country Ontario.  Nancy Gaudreau, guest speaker at the AGM has agreed to be Loppet Chair for 2013.

Bylaw revision Process – Don Boyle reported that the Bylaws have not been revised in about ten years.  He has suggested some changes that reflect our current practices (attached).  The proposed amendments will be reviewed at the post-season spring 2013 board meeting with proposed ratification at the 2013 AGM in November.

Website/Webmaster – Drew Lampman reported that Frank Roy has retired from the position and we are looking for a new coordinator.  Frank has offered to advise.  Ray Schmidt has volunteered.  Brad will put Ray in touch with his son Greg who has some experience with web site construction.

Election of Officers – Don Boyle pointed out that his proposed amendments would re-group the officers who would be elected in alternate years: Pres/VP in 2013 and Sec/Treas/Membership for 2014 (see attached “Proposed Amendments to Club Bylaws”). He also reiterated the need for a Vice-President.  MOVED – Don Boyle SECOND – Ray Schmidt that there should be an election for VP with the understanding that the VP was not obligated to serve as President in the next term. CARRIED. Phil Brackenberry volunteered to serve as VP and was acclaimed.

Other Business – Tobi Kiesewalter, representing MPPP, reported that Park Superintendent Curtis Thompson sends his regrets.  They are very excited about the upcoming season.  Rob Gunn and Tobi have been putting up signs and preparing maps and brochures. They are attending the Nov. 24 Mountain Equipment Co-op Snowfest and will promote the park and club there.  The chalet is stocked with firewood.  A new window is being installed to replace one chewed by a porcupine.  A propane heater is available as back-up. A new cabin has been constructed along the ski trail and is available for summer rental accommodation, with possibilities in the future for winter rental. He reiterated their appreciation for the Black Creek/MacParland House bridge fundraising project.  Back country skiers may notice a new fiberglass horse located at the Silver Queen Mine site.  Twenty three campsites have had electrical work and trenching done which should be completed by the start of the ski season.  Five heritage buildings including the ski chalet have been re-roofed with cedar shingles.  The park website is updated daily with ski conditions.  Tobi is doing Friday afternoon radio interviews with Brian Perkin at Lake 88 around 4:00/4:15 p.m promoting activities at the park including TVCCSC activities and snow conditions.

Terry Stewart representing the Perth Kilt Run – reported that their electronic chip timer is available for the Loppet.

Drew Lampman requested money to assist those taking the Jack Rabbit level coaching course.  MOVED: Drew Lampman SECOND: Dave Reesor that $500 be provided to subsidize the cost to the participants for the upcoming coaching courses.  CARRIED

Adjournment – MOVED – Drew Lampman SECOND – Dave Reesor that the meeting by adjourned.

Post Meeting presentation by Nancy and Louis Gaudreau on “Hiking the Appalachian Trail”.

Minutes prepared by Brad Mills, Secretary



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