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AGM Minutes 15/11/02

Tay Valley Cross Country Ski Club

Annual General Meeting

Monday, November 2, 2015, 7:00 p.m.

Dufferin Square Board Room, Suite 202, 105 Dufferin Street, Perth, ON



Note: Due to locked doors at Dufferin Square, the meeting was convened in Phil Brackenbury’s classroom at St. John’s Elementary School. The meeting began at 7:30, after everyone had made their way to the school from Dufferin Square.


  1. President’s Report – Drew welcomed everyone to the meeting. He thanked everyone who had contributed to the purchase of the Ginzugroomer, with particular thanks to Kilmarnock, 3M, NCD, XCOntario and other generous donors of $100 or more. Drew introduced Assistant Park Superintendent Josie Grenier and Park Biologist Tobi Kiesewalter. Josie reported that Parks Ontario Legal Services had extended our Dec. 18, 2009 agreement with the Park until March 31, 2016.  Parks Ontario is preparing a homogenized agreement to be used with TVCCSC and the ski club that uses Arrowhead Provincial Park for agreements beyond March 31, 2016.  A special event agreement will be needed for the Loppet. Josie will work with Nancy on this, and did not foresee a problem.  The park mechanic is servicing the snowmobiles.  Park user fees are going up slightly to $11.50/day and $85.00/season.  Curtis Thompson has approved the modifications to the snowmobile, which will more equally distribute the weight of the Ginzugroomer, improving its grooming capability.


  1. Minutes of the previous AGM – Brad Mills summarized the Minutes of the 2014 AGM. MOVED: Don Boyle, SECOND: Phil Brackenbury that the Minutes be approved. CARRIED


  1. Business arising from those minutes – There was no business arising


  1. Treasurer’s Report – Denise Guerin reported that we started last year with $3800 in the current account and an additional $2400 invested in a reserve fund for capital expenses. We start this season with $5200, which includes $650 for ski purchases and a $1000 NCD grant. As usual,$1000 will be transferred from the current account to the reserve fund.  MOVED: Don Boyle SECOND: Rick Sauder that the Treasurer’s Report be received.  CARRIED


  1. Membership Report – Ray Schmidt reported that there were 83 paid memberships last year representing about 150 total members due to family memberships.


  1. Very brief Committee Reports

Trails – Don Frizell – Eight volunteers completed a thorough cleanup on the park interior and the Round Lake Loop on Oct. 24. Nancy and Linda did a small cleanup following a windstorm a week later.  One more cleanup will take place in late November.  Don met with Tobi to discuss trail additions/changes that would separate some of the skate and classic trails.  When in place, it will create a 4.5 km skate ski loop in addition to the 2 kms now available from the parking lot and down the main road.  Don and Toby will create temporary laminated signs for this season, and we will have to look at paying for permanent signage in the 2016-2017 season.  There are plans to add a snowshoe loop and walking trail whih will be packed by snowmobile.

Grooming – Dave Reesor – Jack Roe reported on behalf of Dave who was absent.  Equipment will be ready to go by the end of November.  We will need more groomers, as there will be extra 1.5 hours of grooming due to the trail changes/additions. Plans are to groom in the morning using the sequence of:

  1. Snowmobile to pack, 2. Mat to level 3. Old groomer 4. Ginzu

Youth Programs – Drew Lampman  reported that the Bunny Rabbit and Jackrabbit programs will be continuing.  We are losing some coaches but new ones are coming on board.  Three new coaches will take the beginning level clinic.  We can accommodate up to about 25 kids.  Don Boyle related that Civitan Club could be approached for money for skis, and that Rotary Club might be approached (Ribfest proceeds – item for November executive meeting?)

Loppet –  Nancy Gaudreau reported that the Loppet is scheduled for Feb. 7 with a Feb. 14 backup date.  She will call a meeting soon to plan.


  1. Membership Rate Increase – Ray is recommending a fee increase. After some discussion it was MOVED: Linda Carincross SECOND: Phil Brackenbury that the membership fee scale as of Nov. 15, 2015 be: Family, $75, Individual $50 and Student $25.  CARRIED


  1. Election of Officers – VP & President (2-year term) – Don Boyle conducted the election. NOMINATED: Drew Lampman for President by Ramsay Hart SECONDED: by Nancy Gaudreau ACCLAIMED. NOMINATED: Phil Brackenbury for Vice President by Rick Sauder SECONDED by Denise Guerin ACCLAIMED.  Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Convener will come up for election at the 2016 AGM.


  1. Other Business – Brad brought some used ski equipment to the meeting on behalf of someone in the community, which was all sold to several in attendance. Nancy reminded us that club toques are available. She also has club business cards available for members to use to promote the club.


Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m., followed by a presentation by Olympic skier Perianne Jones and her partner Joel.

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