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Executive Minutes 13/03/25

TVCCSC – Spring Wrap-up Meeting – 2013

Monday March 25, 2013, 7:00 p.m., McMartin House

Present: Drew Lampman, Beth Graham, Don Boyle, Don Frizell, Phil Laflamme, Louis Gaudreau (for Nancy), Ray Schmidt, Phil Brackenbury, Brad Mills

Regrets: Nancy Gaudreau


  1. Youth/Adult Ski Programs – Nancy/Drew – 20 kids participated, split equally between Bunny Rabbit (age 3-5) and Jack Rabbit (age 6-10). Need for more coaches, especially female, for group to grow again. Some interest already expressed. Missed 3 weeks in January after a good start, but good finish to season. All the youth skis were rented out to club members prior to the season start at $50. Money will be sent to Beth via Ray. Suggest that parents who donate small sized equipment (age 3/4) to the club at the end of the season should receive free rental for larger club-owned equipment the following season. 8 adults attended lesson held by Nancy Gaudreau and Rick Sauder (Nancy has money from this program – about $150 which she will pass on to Beth). Skill Development Jack Rabbit Program registration through XCC/NCD costs $7/person. We should estimate numbers prior to program start to include them in our remittance to NCD (for insurance coverage), possibly including the price in a Family Membership. Drew will email the 2012/2013 participants in the fall to determine who wishes to carry on into the 2013/2014 season. Lally homestead was good location again but will probably move Jack Rabbits onto main trails sooner. Roller ski training on paved roads in Park in the fall would be a good way to involve youth pre-season. Drew will contact Rob Gunn to arrange to use the park outside of our Dec. 1- March 15 agreement. Don Boyle will arrange for Skikes (bike/ski combo) to be demonstrated by his son-in-law (Canadian Winter Sports which supplies to Fresh Air Experience in Ottawa) at the September 2013 start-up meeting. Interest was expressed by parents to create a kids mountain bike program. Phil B. suggested that the trails at the Grant’s Creek property on the Glen Tay side-road would be a good place to bike – he will make inquiries.

  1. Loppet – Nancy – Louis Gaudreau, Nancy’s husband presented a summary of ideas prepared by Nancy (below)> The Loppet was cancelled again this year due to a lack of snow leading up to the event. Nancy will convene a dedicated Loppet meeting this spring when she returns from Vermont. Don Boyle has offered to share his Loppet experience and insights with Nancy. Loppet Idea Summary


Plan a tour that needs only ~2 weeks lead time when the 14 day forecast looks good. Stagger start times.

Try to attract more local skiers.

We had 46 entries but NONE ages 16-29. How can we attract this age group?

Plan in advance a back up location. The Perth Golf Course “Links O’ Tay” discourages XC skiing, but maybe the Blue Heron Golf Club near Lanark would consider this possibility. There are XC ski trails at Wheeler’s called “Sugar Bush Trails.” Also Madawaska XC skiing @ Calabogie, and XC ski trails at Packenham. How big a problem would it be to access grooming equipment at other locations?

Have a backup date. Pay close attention to the XC Ottawa calendar, since many of our entrants come from Ottawa.

Save some ungroomed trails at the Park, and/or groom half of the wide trails. These ungroomed, uncompacted trails can be much be easier to groom after a rain-freeze event. This would benefit regular Tay Valley Ski Club members, not just racers. Note: people will probably ski, walk or snowshoe on ungroomed trails, making them hard to groom after all.

Do we want to accommodate skate skiing? Will this attract more skiers?

Add run and/or snowshoe events so we can have an event even if skiing is not possible.

3. Grants – Drew – Drew Lampman submitted an email request to NCD for $1000. Suggested use was: Trail signs – $200 Grooming headset radios – $200 (Dave R. feels $500 is more realistic) Emergency sled blankets, straps – $100 Youth Equipment – $500 He has not received confirmation that we will be receiving it, but will make further inquiries at the NCD banquet on April 13.

4. Trails – Don Frizell – There were two clean-ups in October and a major one in December following a heavy snow resulting in some downed trees. Trail info was not always updated on the park website due to Tobi being away on holidays. Drew will ask Rob Gunn to make sure it’s updated regularly. Dave Reesor is asked to send updates on grooming to Ray Schmidt to include on club website. Prickly ash still needs to be cleaned up near Lally. Round Lake loop was used occasionally. Tobi groomed trail up to the group campsite, with the remainder kept open by a few skiers.

  1. Grooming/Chain Saw Course – Dave/Drew/Brad – Apart from the 3 week thaw, we had an excellent season (skiing and grooming). Dave had help this year from Brad Mills, Tobi Kiesewalter and Jack Roe. Don Frizzell also helped grooming with the big dump of snow and by removing downed trees on demand and we had 3 snow machines on the trails on 2 different occasions. We had quite a few issues with trees on the trails and both Dave and Brad would like to take a chainsaw course so that they can remove trees if they are blocking the road. The cost would be about $300 for the two of them. MOTION: By Drew Lampman that $300 be allocated to Dave Reesor and Brad Mills to take the course necessary to be certified to use chain saws in MPPP. SECOND: Phil Brackenbury CARRIED. Phil Brackenbury expressed interest in taking the course as well. Both Ray Schmidt and Rick Sauder have indicated they are willing to assist with the grooming. Dave will arrange an introduction early in the season next year. As far as the snow machines are concerned, the Yamaha is in top form after a major tuneup. The Skandic needs a tuneup as well (carburetor issues) but it performed perfectly throughout the winter. The Alpine was used twice and it broke down both times at the end of the day. Rob will have all 3 machines available and ready to go for the next season. Gas usage was not extreme this year as we groomed long but not often. There were 15 days in a row with good skiing and no grooming required. We were out about 12 times throughout the season. Gas costs were about $ 300. Officially we are supposed to pay for our own gas, but Rob Gunn has indicated that the park will cover it. Rob Gunn has indicated to Dave that the park might be willing to partner with us in acquiring better icey conditions grooming equipment. Dave Reesor is asked to research the cost of such equipment and report back at the September 9 meeting.

  1. Signing Authority/Treasurer’s Report – Signing authority has been switched to Drew Lampman, president and Phil Brackenbury, vice-president. Beth presented an Interim Treasurer’s report covering Oct. 1, 2012 to March 25, 2013 (below). Our current balance is $5416.79 which includes $1600 in the Capital Depletion Fund.

Treasurer’s Interim Report (Oct.1, 2012 to Mar.25, 2013)

1. As of Mar.25, 2013, the bank balance is $5416.79. In petty cash there is $56.14.


2. The total income stands at $4685.16. This is composed of the following:

Deposits (courtesy of Ray Schmidt): $4650.00

Bank interest: 0.16

Donation: 35.00

3. Expenses to date total $2724.15.

Rentals: 149.10

N.C.D. fees: 1152.00

Printing and Engraving: 259.34

Food (AGM): 24.77

Signs (Park): 313.94

Donation (In Memoriam): 25.00

Capital Depletion Fund: 800.00


4. Please submit any outstanding invoices/ bills for expenses incurred on behalf of the

Club. (gas, equipment maintenance and repair, coaching clinics etc.)



7. Membership – Ray Schmidt reported that we have 158 active members which includes 54 family memberships and 29 individual memberships for a total of 83 paid memberships. Most signed up in December. The $5.00 discount offered at the AGM and until the end of November acted as a good incentive. Don Boyle’s son Peter is prepared to set up a TVCCSC Facebook group to encourage more youth to get involved. Ray will look in to the possibility of online registration through Zone 4 of XCC, but feels that mail and AGM registrations are the easier and cheaper way to go (fees for setting up online registration and issues with issuing passes and getting signatures for waivers).

8. Web Site – Ray Schmidt has taken this over from Frank Roy. Don Boyle suggested that we add a “Youth” tab on the website to feature the great new child and youth activities that took place this past season.

9. By Laws/Constitution Update – Brad summarized the steps necessary to update the bylaws. According to item 10 in the Bylaws “Revision of Bylaws” there are three steps necessary for a revision: a) a written proposal (which we have received from Don Boyle) b) review by the Executive Committee (to be completed at the September 9 meeting) and c) notice to the membership 14 days prior to the AGM (No later than Monday Oct. 21, 2013, 14 days prior to the November 4 AGM) followed by a 2/3 majority vote at the AGM. This will be tabled until the September meeting.

10. Partnering with other clubs – Phil Brackenbury – Phil met informally with representatives from Friends of Murphy’s Point Park and the Rideau Trail Association. We share common interests and goals. The consensus seemed to be that we should continue dialogue with them, perhaps arrange to share some activities, and promote one another on our websites and in our other promotional activities.

11. Brochure with ski and snowshoe updates – Brad Mills – To be discussed at Set. 9 meeting.

  1. Other – Drew indicated that the Montessori School has requested the donation of a Family Membership to include in an upcoming fundraising activity. Several of our youth program participants attend the school. No vote was taken, but discussion seemed to be favourable to the idea. Phil Brackenbury reported that the Ski Patrol was asked to attend the Loppet, which was cancelled. Their fee would have been $500. They could help to organize and train a local patrol that might be willing to help is out for a lower fee.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

Next Meeting: Monday Sept. 9, 7:00 p.m., McMartin House. Agenda items will include, Bylaw Update, Brochure Update, donation to Perianne Jones for Sochi, Signage listing club services at Kiosk, Fall Youth pre-season activities (skike, cycling), Skike demo by Don. Boyles son-in-law.

AGM 2013 – Monday November 4, 7:00 p.m. Dufferin Square Board Room


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