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Executive Minutes 14/09/08


TVCCSC – Preseason Board Meeting

Monday, September 8, 2014, 7:00 p.m.

McMartin House, Perth


Present: Denise Guerin, Drew Lampman, Phil Brackenbury, Don Frizell, Ray Schmidt, Nancy Gaudreau, Don Boyle, Brad Mills

Regrets: Tobi Kiesewalter, Curtis Thompson, Chris Jones

Absent: Dave Reesor, John Gibb-Carsley, Nancy Sweetnam, Rick Sauder

1. Adoption of the Agenda – Drew called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and the agenda was adopted.

2. President’s Message – Drew welcomed everyone to the meeting.

3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting, April 14, 2014 – Brad summarized the Minutes of the previous meeting.

4. Business Arising from the Minutes – was dealt with in the subsequent Agenda items

5. Treasurer’s Report – Denise reported that we currently have about $3800 in the bank. She emailed Frank Roy regarding closing the ING online banking account which has a balance of $11.74 (Frank is the signing authority), but has not received a reply. She will contact him again.

6. Membership Report – Ray will arrange with Zone 4 to set up on-line registration. He will pass the info on to Drew, as he will be away leading up to the AGM. Denise will need to be informed regarding how Zone 4 will transfer money to the club. There will be paper registration at the AGM minus the online fee.

7. Brochure – There was extensive discussion about possible trail changes arising from comments made by Tobi and Curtis regarding adding parallel skate ski trails (Nancy suggested this might work well at points 4-5 and Don B. suggested from 6-10). Dave Reesor is agreeable to groom whatever trails are decided upon. Drew will talk to Tobi and Curtis so we can finalize the brochure map. InterAlia has the file for the brochure, and will be able to make the changes prior to printing a master copy. Brad will arrange for copying, folding and distribution. Ray will make changes on the blog regarding instructions for online registration.

8. Trails – Don F. plans to have a trail cleaning bee on Saturday Oct. 25. Phil B., Brad, Dave and Jack Roe are now all qualified to operate chain saws in the park. In addition to the trail discussion reported under “Brochure”, there was some talk about extending the McParlan trail, based on comments made by Tobi and Curtis. We will await their input on this as well, before finalizing the trail map.

9. Loppet – Nancy has scheduled it for Feb. 8. She encourages us to participate in other area Loppets including Triangle near Brockville and one near Athens. She will work with Ray to arrange online registration through Zone 4. She will look in to chip timing (Zone 4, Running Goat, NCD etc). She noted that we have used up most of our supply of prizes (medals and donated prizes) and will have to replace them this year. She will contact Rick Sauder to determine if they will offer some fall training – unsure whether this will be for youth or adults, but they will try to put together a session.

10. Youth Programs – Drew will arrange police checks for all coaches this season. He asked for funding to send coaches to courses. This would be the introductory course for two new coaches (Laurie Beckstead and Candice Brown) and level 2 for returnees. We spent $300 last year. MOVED: by Drew that we allocate up to $500 for coach training SECOND: Phil. B.CARRIED. Don. B requested that we list our coaches and their levels on our website (Drew communicate this with Ray?).

11. Grooming – As Dave Reesor was absent, we will table this to the Nov. 24 meeting. Possible discussion items would be Ginzu groomer and fundraiser with FMPPP to acquire it and related infrastructure (see Minutes of April 14 under “Grooming”).

12. AGM is Monday Nov. 3, 7:00 p.m. at Dufferin Square Board Room. Don B. will invite his son Peter Rozmovits, President of Canadian Winter Sports, to be our guest speaker. Failing that, Phil B. will approach Sultana Frizell (Olympic shotput) and Ray Schmidt will approach Brooke Henderson (golf). Also, Terry Stewart has offered to speak on his cycle journey to Guatemala, which took place 25 years ago. Tobi and Curtis would like a place on the agenda to speak about our partnership with MPPP.

13. Promotion and Recruiting – Nancy Gaudreau has had a large supply of TVCCSC business cards printed up which she distributed to the attendees. She will look in to a small counter top business card holder for placement in various gyms, sports stores etc. Brad will write an article for the EMC to appear before the AGM. Phil B. will approach Lake 88 about an interview prior to the AGM. Nancy G. had offered to go as well.

14. Other Business – Terry Stewart from the Running Goat Running Club made a presentation on the idea of amalgamating their club with TVCCSC, to form a year-round ski/running/fitness organization. He noted that their club was formed in 2009, and runs four running events in the year (fall and spring Goat Runs, Over the Rainbow, and Kilt Run) with all excess profits going to charities. There is a board of five members. The club is associated with Athletics Ontario and insured by them. Some of the rationale for the proposed amalgamation would be: the inherent advantages of our incorporation (i.e. ease of acquiring Liquor licences for the Kilt Run), insurance by Cross Country Canada and contribution of some Kilt Run proceeds to the Ski Club (Ginzu Groomer etc). After Terry’s departure the proposal was discussed. The consensus was that, while there are some common interests, and cooperation and mutual assistance between the groups is desirable, there are some reservations about a merger. It was agreed that board members will ponder the proposal and discuss it more at the Nov. 23 meeting.

Denis Guerin has agreed to be our Facebook coordinator. Her role would be to establish a Facebook presence for the club, and post notices, information and photos from activities and events, provided by members.

Next meeting following the Nov. 3 AGM will be a Pre-Season Board Meeting on Monday Nov. 24, 7:00 p.m., McMartin House.

Meeting Adjourned 9:00 p.m.

Minutes prepared Sept. 10 by Brad Mills, Secretary


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