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Executive Minutes 14/04/14

TVCCSC Spring Wrap-Up Meeting

Monday April 14, 2014, 7:00 p.m.

McMartin House, Perth
Present: Denise Guerin, Ray Schmidt, Don Frizell, Phil Brackenbury, Drew Lampman, Brad Mills, Nancy Gaudreau, Dave Reesor, John Gibb Carsley

Regrets: Tobi Kiesewalter, Curtis Thompson, Chris Jones, Don Boyle, Nancy Sweetnam, Rick Sauder
1. Adoption of Agenda – The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by club President Drew Lampman and the Agenda was adopted by consensus.
2. Youth/Adult Coaching Programs – Nancy Sweetnam’s report on the Jack Rabbit program (22 regular participants) was given by Drew (attached). The coaches continued the program informally for an additional 3-4 weeks due to favourable snow conditions. New families from Carleton Place are involved which could result in a need for as many as eight coaches in the 2014-2015 season. Two new potential coaches are Candice Brown and Laurie Beckstead.
Ray asked whether coaches had Police Checks. Drew requested them this past season and will ensure that all coaches have them in the 2014-2015 season.
Adult Program – Nancy Gaudreau reported that she and Rick Sauder ran 1 skate clinic (6 participants), 2 classic clinics (8-10 people in each) on three Sundays from noon until 2:00 p.m. They videotaped the participants and emailed them video clips and notes on improvements.
3. Treasurer’s Report – Denise Guerin reported that our bank balance is approximately $4600 with an additional $2400 in the capital fund. This is approximately $1000 more than last year at this time. $828.19 profit was realized on the Loppet. (full report attached).
4. Loppet – Nancy Gaudreau reported that the Loppet took place on Feb. 9 with 65 racers (23/10km, 23/20km, 14/2.5 km, 5/5km). She thinks we should raise the fee a bit for next year and grow our numbers to a maximum of 100 total adult and youth participants. Next year’s Loppet is scheduled for Feb. 8. She would like to add online registration. We will review the chip timing options in the fall (Running Goat? Zone 4?). We should add an exit chute with good signage to funnel skiers away from the finish line. Everyone present congratulated Nancy on an excellent Loppet.
5. Trails – Don Frizell had no new information about Trails. Nancy Gaudreau requested that we groom more skate skiing trails next year. Tobi has ideas about doing some skate ski trails parallel to existing trails. Both he and Curtis have also talked about extending the McParlan Trail past the house in a loop along Black Ance road joining with the existing trail around #10.

Grooming – Dave Reesor outlined the features of a Ginzu groomer. It is capable of cutting up an icy surface in to skiable granular snow. It could be pulled by the existing machines in ideal conditions, but might need a more powerful machine in deep and wet snow. It is wider than our existing Tid-Tech groomer (5’) and mats. It was agreed that we should continue looking in to acquiring a Ginzu groomer. Drew will set up a meeting with Tobi and Curtis to discuss: a) widening trails to accommodate the additional width b) construction of an outdoor “carport” for the groomer c) funding for the possible need for a more powerful snow machine to pull it. Phil B. will contact Friends of MPPP to see if they might be interested in organizing a joint fundraising activity (as we did with the McParlan House bridge) with our share of the funds going towards the cost of purchasing a Ginzu groomer.

(Phil subsequently contacted Friends of MP who said they would be very interested in partnering with us – item for Sept. 8, 2014 agenda).
Membership – Ray Schmidt reported that we had 81 members consisting of 53 families, 27 individuals and 1 student for a total of 156 club users. A discussion of online memberships resulted in the following motion: MOVED: Phil Brackenbury SECOND: Denise Guerin that we offer online registration in addition to paper (AGM and surface mail) for next year. Service Fees to be paid by registrant. CARRIED. Ray will arrange this with Zone 4.
Website – Ray has offered to continue to manage the website.
Other Business – Facebook – Nancy G. would like the club to establish a Facebook account/page to advertise short notice events light moonlight and group skis. Nancy will inquire with Peter Rozmovits (Don Boyle’s son-in-law) about how to set this up. Peter is President of Canadian Winter Sports which is the exclusive North American distributor for Vauhti waxes and other select lines of Nordic Ski Supplies. Year-end Waxing & Social Party – Nancy has offered to organize and host a year end party. She will send out an email notice. Fall Board Planning Meeting – is set for Monday September 8, 7:00 p.m. at McMartin House. Fall Training Program – Nancy G. would like to set up a Fall pre-season conditioning program involving exercises and activities gleaned from YouTube videos. We will discuss this at the Sept. 8 meting
Meeting adjourned 9:00 p.m.
Minutes prepared by club Secretary Brad Mills on April 15, 2014.


Coaches Report:


The 2013/2014 Jack Rabbit and Bunny Programs were a great success this year due in part to the abundance of snow!   With the addition of three new, enthusiastic coaches (Colleen Bracken, Tobi Keisewalter and Hillary Lawson) we were able to divide the skiers into two groups based on abilities.  These  coaches worked with the new skiers and children on or around 5 years and younger.  Brian Rauwerda, Drew Lampman and Nancy Sweetnam returned as coaches and worked with the Jackrabbits to ski on more challenging terrain and for longer sessions.


We had an increase of  6 children with a high return rate from previous years.


Icy conditions at the beginning of the season didn’t stop anyone from coming out on Sundays.  We did a great Nature Walk/Slide led by Tobi, complete with stops to point out nests, tracks and local animals big and small.

With the help of the groomers, we had the opportunity to use all of the terrain around the Lally Chalet for practicing hills, slalom runs, snow plough and various climbing strategies in various conditions.  We showed our Canadian Spirit by having an Olympic Day, complete with Opening Ceremony, relays and winter events.  The Jackrabbits participated in the Tay Valley Ski Loppet and enjoyed the rewards of a gigantic cookie at the finish.  The Jackrabbits increased the distance and difficulty of their trail skis over the season.  It was rewarding to see their confidence and skills improving over the course of the winter.  We finished the season with a family ski around the Loppet course (even most of the Bunnies did it!) and an outdoor bonfire complete with S’mores.


The program continues to rely a great deal on the support of parents.  They were asked to volunteer by supplying snacks for one or two sessions and to be on the trails on days we needed extra adults.


Feedback about the program and coaches has been positive from those involved.  Many parents spoke highly of the lessons offered this year.


Feedback from families that wanted to join, but were unable to included:   -a desire for a ‘try it’ day (without having to commit financially to the family pass upfront),

-having more equipment locally available for rent or sale.


More parents were on skis or tried skiing for the first time this year than ever before, so hopefully the base of the Tay Valley Ski community is growing as well.


Thanks to all the coaches and parents who donated their time, energy and shared their enthusiasm this winter.


The Coaches
Tay Valley Cross Country Ski Club

Board Meeting, April 14, 2014

Treasurer’s Interim Report (Nov 8, 2013 to April 9, 2014)
1. As of April 14, 2011, the bank balance is $4589.30. In petty cash there is $56.14.

There is a savings account started which contains $2400.00
2. The total income stands at $7305.00.

This is composed of the following:

Membership fees(incl donations & kids Programs): $5194.74

Bank interest: $ .26

Loppet Entries: $1810.00

Donation for loppet: $300.00
3. Expenses to date total $7891.31.

Coaching Clinic & Chainsaw course $1564.00

N.C.D. fees $1580.00

To Savings Account $2400.00

Kids programs kits $ 495.00

Meetings (Rooms and AGM) $ 199.73

Trail Grooming $ 239.57

Membership Supplies $ 96.14

Loppet Fees $1316.87


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