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MurphysPoint Provincial Park

Our trail network is located at Murphys Point Provincial Park on the shores of the Big Rideau Lake in eastern Ontario. Located on the Frontenac Arch extending southeastward from the Canadian Shield, it offers an ideal environment for recreational and competitive skiing and snowshoeing or simply for winter hiking. This network provides access to several interesting archaeological sites as well as restored heritage buildings left open for rest and shelter on the trail.

When you arrive at the Park, enter the clearly marked winter parking lot. Your Club membership card must be displayed in your vehicle window to show that you have paid a park user fee. Otherwise, you must purchase a Park Day Use Permit at the reception kiosk in this parking lot. Trail maps and other information is provide here as well.

There are two trailheads, one off the main winter parking lot, and the other further along County Road 21 at the Lally Homestead. The Lally Homestead site is recommend for less experienced skiers as it has an easier access route to the trail system. The Lally Barn provides a warm shelter (wood, kindling, paper)  and a base for your adventure. Just remember to bring matches so that you can start the fire in the shelter before setting out on your excursion. There are also  toilets available adjacent to this parking lot. Skiers who do not have a Club Membership or Park Pass will need to drop by the kiosk at the main winter parking lot to make their daily payment.

An important  attraction of this venue for the beginner skier is the picturesque and wooded “Lally Heritage Loop. This  . 800 metre loop can be joined immediately from behind the two existing heritage buildings. We recommend a clockwise direction for easier skiing.  Of course those intermediate skiers who prefer the longer and more rugged backcountry experience can also choose this convenient way to enter the “Round Lake Loop” just by crossing the road.

Overall, the 22 km network consists of 12 km of trail track set for classic skiing and 4 km groomed for skate skiing. In addition there are 10 km of backcountry trails. We recommend that skiers who especially enjoy the solitude and tranquility of nature should take advantage of the 9 km Round Lake loop suitable for intermediate backcountry skiers.

Facilities include the Club’s heritage Ski Chalet located next to the administration building 1/2 kilometre in from the trailhead. It is equipped with picnic tables, electric lighting and two propane heaters. You may need to turn the heaters on upon your arrival and don’t forget to turn them off upon your departure. Then there is the  Lally Homestead as noted above.

Hiking and dogs are not permitted on the ski trails to ensure safe , quality skiing trails. Snowshoers are welcome to travel (where necessary) beside the groomed portion of the trails to access nature trails and roads not used by skiers.

How to Find Us

From Ottawa, take Hwy. 7 to Perth then follow Park signs. Turn left onto Wilson, left onto Foster, right onto Gore. Gore turns into County Road 1 (Rideau Ferry Road), then 6 km outside Perth, turn right on County Road 21 (ElmGrove Road). Follow this road 12 km to the Park.

From Kingston or Smiths Falls take Hwy. 15 to Lombardy, follow park signs West on County Road 1 (Rideau Ferry Road) through Rideau Ferry, left onto County Road 21 (ElmGrove Road) and 12 km to the Park.

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