Ski Nordic on the Round Lake Loop – by Bruce Brenot

The 7.5 km Round Lake ungroomed back-country ski trail in combination with the park’s groomed trails makes for a loop anywhere from 11.5 to 15.5 km. The nordic track portion is marked in both directions with yellow triangle trail signs, as it winds and twists through a beautiful open deciduous forest both on park and privately owned lands. Trail improvement allows intermediate skiers to enjoy this trail in both directions.

 The trail’s many little ups and downs make for an exciting ski depending on the snow conditions, especially for the intermediate skier. However, if you are a novice skier looking for a physical challenge the best time to try this trail is after a fresh dump of snow when the tracks are few and the conditions are slow. If a physical challenge is your thing then try breaking trail; but once the track has been set you should be an intermediate skier.

 Bring some bird feed for the bird feeding stations on route, and chickadees will come, just like they do at Amherst Island.

Karen talks to a friend


Pack your sandwich in tin foil and plan to lunch at the Lally Barn;

Lighting the stove for lunch


 there is nothing better than a toasted sandwich on the wood stove. The Round Lake Nordic trail is a real gem. So if the conditions are right don’t wait, as the snow conditions can change quickly.

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